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lundi 05 mars 2012



I literally just went thgourh this with Preston. He was up to nurse every night about every two hours and then he was right back to sleep. He's 20 months old and big for his age so he didn't need it, he wanted it. We also co-sleep which didn't help with the not nursing him back to sleep at night thing.I went away with some friends overnight last week and worried non-stop about how he'd do at home with Daddy and at night with Daddy who can't nurse him. lol. He did GREAT! Once *I* was taken out of the equation Preston was good to go. In fact we've stopped nursing totally since. Which I was also feeling ready for but unsure of where to even begin to put an end to, what with the nighttime feedings still. And now for the first time ever in his life he is sleeping in 7 hour stretches at night before waking up just long enough to wake us up and go back to sleep. It's been amazing.Not to say we didn't have a couple of rough nights in there. Preston would wake up and not want to nurse but also not know what he wanted. He'd take away my pillow, throw my blankets on the floor, and grab my head and try to reposition me every which way possible before finally collapsing back onto his pillow in exhaustion. That seems to have passed after just two or three really bad nights.Just thought I'd give you a little hope! And empathy! I know exactly where you're at. It's not fun at all. I'll keep my fingers crossed for sleep over at your house!


vivement une prochaine expo pour decouvrir les nouveautées
douce soirée


Qu'elle est vaillante, cette petite aiguille ...
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